Force Windows indexing to run faster

January 26th, 2019

Edge Router Mac address

January 18th, 2019
set interfaces ethernet eth0 mac a0:b1:c2:d3:e4:f5

Office Customization Tool for Click-To-Run

October 20th, 2018

Microsoft has recently released a new tool aimed to simplify the configuration files required to make a custom deployment of Office in an organization. The tool, called Office Customization Tool for Click-To-Run, is currently in preview and provided as a cloud service available here.



Nuvoton SIO CIR Device Driver

June 23rd, 2018

Disable-PnpDevice “ACPI\NTN0530\0” -Confirm:$false

Winmail.dat – exchange 2010 MailContact

May 17th, 2018

Set-MailContact -UseMapiRichTextFormat:Never

Install Office 365 ProPlus on an Remote Desktop Services Server

May 12th, 2018


  1. Log into your Remote Desktop Server
  2. Open your preferred Internet Browser
  3. Download the Deployment Tool:
    2013 Edition :
    2016 Edition :
  4. Edit the configuration.xml and use:

<Configuration> <Display Level=“Full” AcceptEULA=“True” />

<Property Name=“SharedComputerLicensing” Value=“1” />

<Add SourcePath=“C:\Office2016Install” OfficeClientEdition=“64” >

<Product ID=“O365ProPlusRetail”> <Language ID=“en-us” />

</Product> <Product ID=“VisioProRetail”> <Language ID=“en-us” />




5. From a command prompt (with admin rights), run:

cd \Office2016Install
setup.exe /download configuration.xml

6. Now run:

setup.exe /configure configuration.xml

The setup will now install.



CredSSP updates for CVE-2018-0886

May 11th, 2018

$Server = remoteHostName

Invoke-Command -ComputerName $Server -ScriptBlock {(Get-WmiObject -class Win32_TSGeneralSetting -Namespace root\cimv2\terminalservices -Filter "TerminalName='RDP-tcp'").SetUserAuthenticationRequired(0)} #-Credential (Get-Credential)″>


How to set up PfSense High Availability (hardware redundancy)

January 5th, 2018

How to set up PfSense High Availability (hardware redundancy)

Reset Terminal license on Windows 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 and 2016

October 7th, 2017

While Windows installed with Terminal Server role it does work without License for 120 Days on trail license, where within 120 days if the License server is not Connected the server will stop accepting connection with below error and event ID

The solution was to delete the REG_BINARY in
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\RCM\GracePeriod
Only leaving the default.




Loop 3 times times – Powershell

April 19th, 2017
for ($i=1; $i -le "3"; $i++)